Gardening is governed by the seasons, and timing tasks correctly for the climate and soil is key. The Stamford Gardening Company offers expert guidance and a ‘game plan for all seasons’.

Kick start spring with garden tidying, pruning, planting and sowing. We also offer pressure washing to remove the dirt and grime caused by the winter weather and ensure paths, decking, paving and patios are slip-free and ready for the summer.

Summer sees the focus on grass cutting, garden maintenance and hard and soft landscaping as the weather improves and the days become longer. It’s also a good time to treat and paint sheds, fences and garden furniture. And, annuals and bedding plants are favourites, for filling spaces in the borders and providing colour right up to the winter frosts.

Autumn is the ideal time for hedge cutting, composting and garden tidying and dibbing in the bulbs to provide a show of bright spring flowers in the year ahead.

We agree with Paul Theroux’s sentiments that Winter is the season of recovery and preparation. It’s the perfect time to indulge in some garden design, while nature is quiet. It may also be about snow removal and winter gritting, which Stamford Gardening Company is pleased to provide.