The benefits of a lawn are well documented – they look fantastic, are kind to feet and offer the perfect spot for a picnic. But more than that, a well-maintained lawn can increase soil stability, reduce storm water runoff, cool the air and help with the decomposition of pollutants.

There are many reasons for needing a new lawn, not just on a new build. At Stamford Gardening Company we offer a comprehensive lawn service and wherever possible, we will revive an established lawn that is suffering from wear and tear, disease or in need of some TLC. This could be achieved through seeding, part-turfing or an ongoing programme of lawn care and lawn maintenance (e.g. aeration, scarification, top-dressing and fertilising).

When a new lawn is the order of the day, we offer, site clearance, soil preparation, turf-selection, turfing, edging, watering and lawn cutting. And lots of advice, to keep it looking as fresh as a daisy!